The Importance of Incredible Images for Your Amazon Product Listings

An astonishing 93% of consumers will tell you that the visual appearance of a product is the key factor in their buying decisions. Any time you can get 93% of people to agree on anything, you should definitely take note. You only have one way to show your online customers what your product is like. They can’t feel it, turn it over in their hands, try it on, taste it, smell it, or anything else. That’s why it is critical for your listing to have high-quality images that portray the product in a true-to-life fashion. But first, people have to find your listing, which is why the listing itself and the language it uses is also critical. Don’t bother putting up eCommerce listings if you aren’t going to properly optimize the listing and invest in high-quality images. Without these two things, you won’t sell much anyway. Why are these things so crucial? Let’s find out!

December 8, 2021



The Importance of Incredible Images for Your Amazon Product Listings

The Importance of High-Quality Amazon Listings

There are over 12 million products for sale on Amazon. If you include Amazon Marketplace sellers in that number, the catalog expands to around 350 million items!

It really is true that you can find anything on Amazon!

While this is great news for shoppers, it can be a little daunting for sellers. After all, how are customers going to find your products among the vast sea of items to choose from? Especially considering the fact that most people never even make it past the first page of results.

That’s where the value of a high-quality listing comes in. 

There are a few elements that make an outstanding listing. These include:

  • High-quality images
  • An eye-catching title that includes keywords for Amazon’s algorithm
  • Bullet points
  • Detailed product description
  • Back-end keywords
  • A+ Content feature
  • Consistent brand patterns

We’ll go into more detail about the images in a moment but let’s briefly touch on the other factors here.


The title is crucial for two reasons. First, a strategic keyword will help the algorithm understand the product and show it with the right search results. Second, it should intrigue the buyer and motivate them to click on your listing and see more.

Bullet Points

Bullet point lists are easy for shoppers to scan and pull out the most important information about your product. Plus, Amazon’s algorithm heavily indexes bullet points, so make sure they are rich in keywords.

Product Description

People can’t look at your product in person so you need to be as detailed as possible in the description. Think about your product from every angle and try to answer every possible question that consumers would have about your product. 

Again, make sure to use plenty of keywords that will help the algorithm show your product to the right shoppers. 

Back-End Keywords

These give you an opportunity to include keywords for the algorithm that you don’t necessarily want shoppers to see. For example, keywords in another language. 

A+ Content

This is a feature that Amazon offers to sellers with Brand Registry. You can use it to make yourself stand out from the crowd and build your credibility. 

Brand Patterns

A consistent look to your listings makes your brand more recognizable and helps it appear more legitimate to shoppers. 

The Value of Outstanding Images

Now let’s dive into more about the images. Every aspect of your product listing plays an important role in generating sales. Without the proper keywords and information, the algorithm won’t even show your products to consumers.

The images, however, are the key element when it comes to the purchaser’s decision. An astonishing 90% of buyers say that the quality of the photos is very important to their buying decision. 

Poor quality photos reflect poorly on your brand. The fact that you as a seller don’t take your images seriously makes it hard for people to take you seriously. If you can’t even put up a decent picture of your product, how can they expect anything stellar about your product or the service they’ll receive?

Following the Image Requirements

Product images are the only glimpse that customers get before buying an item online. It is crucial to have images that display the product in a true-to-life manner. Don’t go crazy with changing colors, adding filters, or making any sort of extensive edits. 

Make sure you have a clear, no-nonsense, close-up image of the item against a plain white background to use as the main listing photo. From there you can include lifestyle images to help your customers envision using the product. You can also include infographics, competitor comparison charts, instructional images, and anything else that will support your product. 

To maintain a certain level of quality on their platform, Amazon has a few requirements that your images must meet. Don’t think of it as a hassle, though. Photos that adhere to Amazon’s guidelines are far more likely to generate sales — which is the whole point of your endeavor! 

Where to Get Listings That Convert

Now that we’ve gone through all this, you might be feeling a little exhausted. And you’re going to have to create a high-quality listing complete with keywords and images that meet Amazon’s guidelines for every item you sell.

Is there an easy way to do this?

Absolutely! Get a listing that not only meets but also exceeds the standards for a high-quality listing on Amazon. This is how you get conversions and make sales. 

A listing with the right language and information will show up when relevant customers are looking for your item and incredible product images go a long way towards closing the deal. 

Check out the amazing rendering and graphic design we provide for product listings here at Spotlighted. Let your product shine through high-quality images that don’t distract shoppers from the greatness of your item.

Reach out to us today to learn more about the easy way to create listings that convert to sales!

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